I hate being sad because I try and fight it, but the feeling never goes away. (via chelseawelseyknight)
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I may be ugly and unattractive but I am still a girl. I still deserve to be given flowers and chocolates. I still deserve to be called beautiful, because I am, inside. I am still entitled to the respect that beautiful girls get from the opposite sex instead of being the subject of harsh jokes and insults. I still deserve to be written love letters, be construed as another person’s world and happiness. I still deserve to be pursued and loved. I deserve the sincerity in every word uttered, loyalty and faithfulness instead being the rebound, an option, or getting cheated on. I still deserve to be treated well, regardless of my physical appearance. Because not being born with a beautiful face and flawless skin doesn’t make me any less of a person; more so of a girl. (via escafeism)

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I never thought I would be the one writing at 2 am to try and win you back with words you’ll never read
I never thought that my heart could carry holes in it the size of all the people who have left
I never thought that just the sound of someone’s name could make my stomach convulse until nothing was left
I always thought I was gonna be okay b.n.s (via esssence)
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I always knew I wanted someone who would make me feel like I’m the best possible version of myself when am with them. Someone who will make me feel that i am the most important person in their life. Someone who’s honest to say what is right or wrong with me or what’s going on in their life….

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You’re sleeping, but I just need you to know that I’m still in love with you. I’m so in love with you that it hurts. Every time I’m without you, it hurts. You make me feel like I am forever. You are my happiness. You are every single constellation. You’re perfect and I love you so much. - 4:06 am I almost called you, again. (via june—10tth)

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I don’t know how it reminds me of you
but it must be because of a movie
or a quote mentioned;
you’re blue, it’s pink
It’s spring and you’re winter
and yet, it reminds me of you Cherry Blossoms (via melancholiachues)
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